Most mysterious places in whole world


Most Amazing places in the world

The world is surrounded full of mysterious and puzzling places that twist and tremble the Human brain. Hey, guys welcome to our blog today we are gone discuss 10 MOST AMAZING PLACES IN THE WORLD. 

10.   Blood falls 


On Number 10 we have The Blood falls of Antarctica
Everyone knows Antarctica is the most Coldest continent in the world. But have you ever heard about blood falls in here?
Well, actually this is not real blood. In 2014 a team of scientists arrived here and they discovered that this red colour appears in this falls due to iron-oxide(Fe2O3).
Iron oxide salt colour is crimson red. That's why this water turns out red.

9. The Great Blue Hole


The great blue hole is located near the central American country Belize in the Caribbean sea. Great blue diameter is 1000 feet and it nearly  400 feet deep.
Tourists come here in great numbers for scuba diving and admire its crystal water and marine life.

8.  The Crooked forest
     [ Poland]

In 1931, 400 trees are planted in Poland but due uncertain reasons these trees bend just above the ground 1 to 3 feet distance from its roots.
Some of the trees are even bent 360 degrees.


Many people believe that this is a human technique but botanists are still finding reasons behind this phenomenon.



Devils tower is in Wyoming (United States)It is 870 feet high [From its Base] and Its width is equal to about four football fields.


On observing it from a close distance you will find that is made of regular geometry like pentagon, hexagon, this is why it is known as Devil's own creation.

But scientists believe that this is a volcanic plug. Millions of years ago a volcano erupted vertically upward here and when it cooled it become like this monument.

Its formation is very rare that's the reason it is one of the U.S. National monuments.

6.  Nasca lines 


Nazca lines are in Peru. These are geoglyphs. Basically, geoglyphs are images or sculptures created on planes using the inscription technique.
There are around 143 images of animals, plants, and other mythical creatures.


These geoglyphs are huge and the largest geoglyph is around 1300 km long.
Geologists are still curious how such huge geoglyphs can be made 2500 years ago with such precision and modern technology.

5. The living bridge

Credit- Arshiya urveeja Bose  source - flicker

You may have seen a lot of beautiful and technologically advanced human-made bridges around you. But I bet you no one as beautiful as this one.

The Living bridge is in cherrapunji Meghalaya. This is actually a rubber tree roots going from one end to another end of the river. This bridge gives a lot of support in the movement of locals. This is a beautiful gift of nature to humans.

4.  Lake Natron


Lake Natron is in Tanzania [Africa]. It is a deadly lake. The temperature of this lake is always around 60 degrees and Ph of this lake is close to 10.0, It is very high ph only bases like Ammonia have this kind of high ph level.
But it's Bright red Color has a different story, it is due to salt-loving microorganisms in here. These microbes are biflagellate which means they emit light from themselves which are red in colour.
Along with that it also has a high level of Sodium carbonate, sodium carbonate is used preservation of birds. That's the reason for the bird being mummified here.

3. Hotel Banff Spring


Hotel Banff spring is a Haunted place. From many, it is known to be Haunted. Many visitors complained about Paranormal activities here.
According to stories in 1920 a girl was going to marry here but she died falling from steps on the day of her wedding. After that, a lot of strange incidents happened here. Many people saw a strange woman here in a wedding dress.

One more incident happened here. A family of three husband-wife and daughter came here and check-in Room number 873. But at night his husband went crazy and he killed her wife, daughter, and himself. But her daughter never left the room and hotel staff feel the presence of a girl here.

2.  Temple of Rats
     [Bikaner, Rajasthan]


Temple of rats also known as Karni Mata Mandir. It is called the Temple of rats because almost  25000 rats live here. These rats are called 'Kaba' by regional people.
According to stories son of Karni Mata, Laxman once went to Kapil Sarovar(lake) in kolayat but accidentally he falls in a lake in it. After that Karni Mata went to yamlok to revive his son. After a lot of requests Yama, the God of death revive Laxman Ji into a rat on earth.

That's why these mice are considered as Karni Mata's descendant and prayed here.
Eating leftovers of mice is considered proud here and The special thing is that nobody has been ill till today by eating this Prasad.

 1.  Fire of Darvaza   


Nearly fifty years ago, in 1971, a team of engineers arrived in the northern desert of Turkmenistan looking for natural gas. But due to accident, there was a gas leaked from here and immediately fire set on sight.

This fire has been burning like this for the last fifty years continuously, that's why it is also known as "Gate of Hell". This crater is 230 feet wide and 98 feet in depth. This crater glows like this from miles away in Night.

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