Unknown Fact About Human Body



The human body is a complex and highly organized structure. It contains various organs performing various functions in coordination. Even doctors and scientists are exploring the human body until now. 
So today let's discuss some most amazing Human body facts.


1.  Hair Grows Faster in Summer

Hair-growth-in-summer, Hair-grows-faste- in-summer

Hair grows quickly in summer as compare to winter because hair is made up of keratin protein and protein needs energy for making a chemical bond with another protein molecule which it can easily get during summer in form of heat.

2. The brain works more effectively after sleep

importance-of-sleep,Brain works more effectively after sleep

During sleep, body detoxifies and clears out damaged cells. This process allows our body and brain to restore itself.
Insufficient sleep, affect your health and purge to a serious medical condition such as heart disease, high Blood Pressure, insomnia and diabetes

3. We are mostly bacteria and fungi

Mutation, human-DNA

Human beings are made after a lot of mutations. More than 90% of our cells which make us human are not originated from our ancestors and we are mostly muted from bacteria and fungi.

4. The brain is faster than a bullet train


Messages from the human brain, travel from our nerves at up to 321.869 kilometers per hour.
Which is more than the speed of an average bullet train.

5.CT Scan is hazardous


C.T scan of body is very harmful to our body its damage almost equal to exposing our body to radioactive place for complete two years.

6. Go Ahead grab a chocolate


Eating chocolate decreases 70 percentage of your stress from your daily life. Eating dark Chocolate decreases the amount of stress hormones cortisol and catecholamine in blood.

7. You cant see colors as a kid


In daily life, we see a lot of colors but do you know you as an infant of up to 2 to 3 months you are only able to see black, white, and grey. This because Nerve cells inside the retina and the brain that manage our vision are not completely developed.

8. Uncoiled DNA is Huge

DNA-Total-length, DNA-IS-HUGE

If we unwrap the DNA of all cells in our body then it will stretch to 10 billion miles, which is more than the radius of the solar system.

9. Oxygen concentration is immense in mountainers


Body of a Person living at high altitudes has blood in their bodies that can deliver oxygen around the body much more efficiently than the blood of sea-level dwellers.

10.Heavy ladies births smarter kids


Heavy ladies produce smart children. According to research many Scientists believe that fat stored on a woman's hips contains various elements that are essential to the development of the brain of infants. Maybe that is the reason why males attracted to female hips.

11. Individuals with blonde hair are smarter


People with blonde hair are generally smarter compare to others because they have a high amount of zinc and copper in their bodies.

12. Human body worth a lot

Human-body-worth-a-lot , Net-worth-of-human-body-Net-worth-of-human-body

The slightest amount of chemicals originated from the body worth millions of dollars. According to economists, it was proven that each human life worth 10 million U.S dollars.

13. The heart uses a lot of energy


In one day a healthy person's heartbeat, 100,000 times and hence produces approximately 115,000 joules of energy in a day. This amount of energy is sufficient to pump 7200 liters of blood in a day.

14. The brain can store more data than a supercomputer


The human brain has about  100,000,000,000 (100 billion) neurons. With this amount of neuron human brain can store more than 2 petabytes of data. And if you don’t know, 1 petabyte is equal to 1000000 GB. 
A Supercomputer stores 761961.558 GB of data

15. Internet is Changing Our Brain Structure


Researchers claimed that the overuse of the Internet changes the structure of the brain, which changes the brain's ability to create and to memorize. Also, the Internet stimulates the part of the brain that involves temporary memory which causes difficulty in deep Analysis and creativity.

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