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Hello, Reader welcome to FACT INSANE. Today we have 50 Random facts That will Amaze you.

1. Most of our Bones are in Our legs.


Most of our Bones are in our legs. We have 26 bones in one leg and both legs together account a total of 52 and there are 206 bones in the whole body. This means one-fourth of our body bones are only in our feet.

2. The largest moon of the Solar system.


The largest moon of the Solar System is Jupiter’s moon Ganymede and its diameter is 2,634.1 km and the second-largest moon is Saturn’s moon titan.
Since Jupiter and Saturn are the largest planets of our solar system they can Bear very large Magnitude of Gravitational force and thus they have the largest moons of our solar system.

3. Swans are very loyal.

Couple,pair of swans

Swans are not only one of the most beautiful birds of Planet but they are also very loyal to their partners.
The swans always live with their couple and if either of them died, the other Swan also dies quitting food and drink.

4. Do you know what people say before hello?

Dial phone,Telephone

The World "Hello" as a greeting During picking Calls was introduced first by Thomas Edison in the late eighteenth century.

Before "Hello" word was introduced people use to say "Ahoy hoy" during picking up calls.

5. Short-tailed crickets are Auto-cannibals

criket,Short-tailed crickets

Short-tailed crickets are auto cannibals. Auto-cannibals are the terms for the Animal that eats their own body Part When they find Nothing else to Eat. They do such things in order to survive.
Short-tailed crickets eat their own Wings when they do not find anything else to eat.

6. The largest rodent of the world.

Worlds largest rodent

Capybara is the largest rodent in the world still alive. They are 3 to 4 feet high and there weight Can be anything between 27 to 80 kg. Capybara are semiaquatic animals and mainly found in South America.

7. In 1912, All-Winners are Awarded Real Gold.

Olympic Gold medal,Gold medal

You must hear about the Olympic games. It is the world's largest platform where Countries Players Compete with each other for medals. All Country's want the most precious Medal that is Gold.
But Do you Know? Olympic gold nowadays consist of just 6 gram of gold which is covered on metal.
But in the fifth Olympic game (1912 in Sweden). All winners are awarded real gold medals.

8. You can survive a few second in space.

Stars , space

You must have seen Space fiction movies where a character went out of in space without space-suit still able to Survive. Well, that's practically Possible.
According to Research, It is proved that if a human is left in space without space-suit he still will be able to survive for approximately 90 seconds without having any damage in the external body and organs.

9. World's Largest Gathering.

Grand Pitcher Festival ,The Kumbh Mela

The Kumbh Mela is also known as Grand Pitcher Festival is a tremendous Hindu fair that happens in India after every 12 years.
It was the world's most gathered festival in 2019. It was held in prayagraj between 14 January 2019 to 4 March 2019.
With a gathering of 150 million people.

10. The heart requires more blood than any other organ.

Brain and heart , Brain

Every day our heart pumps 7570 litres of blood in our body and about one-fourth of it is required by your brain which is about 1892.5 litres of blood. 
The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body and works continuously even when you sleep this is the reason why it requires this much blood.

11. Waiting in traffic consumes weeks of time.

Man in traffic,traffic

Have you ever Stuck in traffic before? It sure is irritating and seems to waste a lot of time.
Well, Do you know? An average man spends two weeks of his life waiting for the red traffic signal to turn green and if you are from India or China you may have to spend years of your life in traffic.

12. Sea pollution.

Sea pollution

Sea population is Increasing Rapidly each day. Due to this a lot of marine animals and the birds are dying. 
Every year 14 billion pounds of garbage goes into the sea and around 100,000 marine animals and birds die from it. 

13. Natural gas has no odor.

Gas stove , Natural gas

You may be familiar with the natural gas smell but do you know?
Natural gas has no odor. The odor is added by raw producers so that if there are any leaks it can be detected.

14. Left-handed are short-lived


According to a study, it was observed that right-handed live longer than a left-handed person. 
Being right-handed can prolong your life: If you are right-handed, you could live up to nine years longer than a lefty.

15. Belgium produces tons of chocolate

Belgium cholate,chocolate

Belgium is one of the world's most chocolate producers in the world along with Germany, the United States, and Switzerland.
On an average Belgium, 172,080 tons of chocolate are made every single year.

16. Nazis are responsible for millions of death.

Flame, candle

Nazis killed millions of Jews following their ideology and principles.
Six million is the minimum number of Jews killed by the Nazis. Thousands of infants and babies were killed before their births could be recorded.

17. Silk eats a lot.

Silkworm eats more than its body weight. It eats 1535 times its body weight in a single day and some days even more. They mostly eat mulberry leaves and found in parts of Europe, America, and Asia.
but know days they are bound to live in a  human-made environment due to the increasing demand of silk. 

18. Venus is the only planet that rotates in opposite direction.


Venus is the only planet of the solar system Which rotates west to east. Rest all planet in our solar system rotates from east to west.

19. Wolves are Amazing Survivor.

Wolf picture, Wolf

The wolf is an amazing hunter as well as a survivor. It is found that they can survive in almost any kind of habitat.
 Besides humans, they are such creatures that can survive in very extreme conditions.
They can be easily founded in any kind of region in North America, Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

20. Honey bees are Not less then Soldiers.

bees,Honey bee

When honey bee bites us, it dies because of its sting breaks in our elastic skin. Their venom glands are only meant for inelastic skin.
It dies on sting us but still, it sacrifices its life in order to save its Flock.

21. Left-handed have more likely to become 


Left-handed are more likely to become alcoholics. This is because the right side of the brain has a lower tolerance to alcohol!
According to research, lefties are 3 times more likely to become alcoholics than that of Right-handed.

22. Insects destroy 1/3 of our crops.

Insect, crop

Every year, insects destroy 1/3 of the Earth's crop. They don't even eat that much food they destroy most of the crops they eat.

23. Proxima star.

Spaceship, Space craft

If we could travel in a space ship at a speed of 50,000 kilometres per hour, it would take over 90,000 years to reach the star that is the nearest star of all to the Sun, Proxima Centauri.

24. Black mamba is called for their black mouth

Snake, Black Mamba

Black mambas are one of the world's most venomous snake.
The black mamba snake's mouth is black from inside, that’s why it got the name black mamba.

25. Invisible Fire

Methanol fire,Invisible fire

You must have seen the fire. The fire of course is visible. But do you know? there is a type of fire that is invisible, it is methanol fire. You can't see it however it surely can burn.

26. Only very few people can type without seeing Keyboard

Apple keyborad, Key board

If you can type on the keyboard without looking, then surely you are sure are unique in the world. Because Not many people can do it.
Only do 25 percent of the world people can do it.

27. Guinness World record for Counting


In the year 2007, a Person named Jeremy harper counted from 1 to 1 million and broadcasted live webcam. He took 3 months to count. He started on June 18, 2007, and streamed till Sept 14, 2007, He won Guinness book record doing this.

28. Data is Increasing Exponentially

Internet, Data

Data is Increasing Exponentially. Total data on the internet from the beginning of humanity to 2003 is now creating within two days now.

29. Jupiter,s Moon

Moon,Jupiter's moon

Jupiter has four moons, I mean there are many moons, but these four are the largest La, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. We can see them with naked eyes.

30. Injectable Oxygen

Injectable Oxygen, Swimming

Injectable oxygen is in the testing phase We use this to inject oxygen into our body so that we can breathe in water for a longer time because they are already injected into the body.

31. Fish also feel Depression

fish in water,fish

Depression is a very common health issue in human beings nowadays.  But do you know?
Fish suffer from depression just like humans and feel loneliness when separated from the herd.

32. Machu Picchu has a very Strict Law to protect their history

peru,Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a very historic place in Peru, but do you know there is a law under which if you damage anything there, you will have to go from there and will not be allowed to come again for 15 years.

33. Red-cross-organization

Medical symbol,Red-cross-Organisation

Most people think that this symbol of ‘+’ is of the hospital but in fact, the symbol is of Red-cross-organizationIt was built on 9 Feb 1863, by five people to protect human lives. This Organisation has more than 17 million volunteers they help to protect human life and health.

34. Sun takes a lot of time to come out of its surface

The sun,Sun

You must have heard that light from the sun to the earth takes about 8 minutes, but do you know that it takes about 100000 years for the light to reach its surface from the core of the sun.
This is because the temperature difference between the Sun and its core is very less and light takes, more time to travel.

35. The Gherkin

Gherkin Structure,Gherkin

This building is named The Gherkin it is situated in London U.K. Its speciality is that it looks exactly like a missile, It seems as if a missile stands in the middle of the city.

36. Spirit in the Sky

album cover,Spirit in the Sky

Norman Greenbaum composed a song in 15 minutes called spirit in the sky. He earned 50 years from Royalty.
Royalty is money paid to Artist by another for using his work. 

37. We get afraid when we see someone scared 


When we are afraid or when we are afraid of someone, then sweat comes out of our body, this sweat consists of a chemical release called fear pheromones. When this chemical goes through the air in another man, then he also gets scared. 

38. The World's largest dam

The gorges dam,The World's largest dam

The World's largest dam is in china its name is the Gorges dam of China is the biggest dam in this world, it is so big that due to its earth speed is decreased.
Because of this dam, the speed of the earth has reduced by 60 Nanoseconds.

39. An asteroid of billion Dollar

433 -EROS,Asteroid of billion Dollar

433 -EROS is an Asteroid that orbits in front of the earth, according to NASA, its composition is similar to that of the earth and there is about $ 20000 billion gold and platinum present inside it.

40. The statue of liberty was not like this from beginning

Statue of liberty

You must have known about the Statue of Liberty, it looks like green but do you know when it was founded on October 28, 1886, it was of shiny copper color but due to oxidation today it has become of green color.

41. Caterpillar has no blind spot


Caterpillar can see almost everything around it it has no blindspot it is so because it has 1200 eyes which makes it able to see a 360-degree view around it.
House-flies can see a 270-degree view around it and we humans can see up to 180-degree.

42. Apple, peaches, and raspberries  belong to the same family

peaches, raspberries, raspberries

Apple, peaches, and raspberries do not look the same in-fact they are very much different from each other, But they still belong to the same family and you will be amazed to hear that apple, peaches, and raspberries are members of the rose family.

43. Rio de Janeiro real Meaning

Rio,Rio de jenerio

You must have heard the name of Rio de Janeiro, It is the famous city of Brazil.  But do you know when you translate it in Google then this translation comes out: River of January.

44. NASA finder tool


Every year, millions of houses collapse in Earthquakes and many people die under the debris.
NASA created a unique device named Finder. It detects people 30 feet underground and 20 feet from inside concreate.  Its first use was taken in the earthquake of Nepal in the year 2015 and it saved thousands of people.

45. Fruits on Trunk

Jabuticaba fruit,Jabuticaba

You may have eaten a lot of different fruits before but do you Know? There is a fruit called Jabuticaba, it is a unique tree, its speciality is that its fruit appears not on its stem but on its trunk.

46. Zonkey Hybrid

Zonkey hybrid,Zonkey

You must have seen the zebra and also have seen your donkey somewhere, but see this unique animal, it is called zonkey, it is hybrid of donkey and zebra.

47. Witches Butter

Fungus,witches butter

Look at this image it looks Just like a Butter. But it is a type of Wild fungus and it is called witch's butter, it is an alive fungus but it looks just like such processed butter.
It mostly grows on dead trees trunk and are found in tropical forest regions of America, Europe Australia, Africa, and Asia

48. 99942- Apophis

On Friday April-13-2029 An asteroid named 99942- Apophis will emerge from near the Earth and you be able to see it.
Scientists believe that the probability that it will hit the earth is 2.7 percent.

49. Largest jellyfish in the World.

lionmane jellyfish,jellyfish

There are more than 2000 Species of jellyfish in this world that are founded till now. 
This Jellyfish in this image is the world's largest species of Jellyfish Yet known. It is even larger than a shark. Its Name is "lions mane jellyfish".

50. Sun's Real Color is White.

Sun real color,Sun

Sun looks yellow when seen from the earth and it looks red color in the morning and evening.
but do you know? that the sun is not red, yellow, or orange, it is of white in color and it looks colored due to the atmosphere of the earth.

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