What is Aura? | How to attract someone from your Aura


What is Aura?

In this world of ours, there is the Aura around everything. It is scientifically proven that everything is energy, not only this but the whole Universe is energy, our whole existence is energy. 
Aura is also energy. With the help of Aura, you can attract anyone to you. Whatever substance is there in this world, whether it is living or non-living, the Aura is all around but, Common people cannot see it with their eyes.

Aura Definition

Our body has two parts of energy. One part of the energy has created itself into a specific degree of resonation which makes it a physical structure. 

whereas another part of the energy does not keep up itself into a physical structure, that structure which isn't physical or will not become physical yet exists, that is an aura, or that is being called as an aura.

Aura meaning 

If we describe Aura scientifically, it is an electromagnetic field that is present in everything, it is also known as Human Energy Field.
we cannot see Aura but we do it Sense. 
For example, when we see a monk, we feel peace inside us, but when we see a negative person, then we do not like to go near it.
Actually, It is because of the Aura, we subconsciously find out about the nature of any person at first sight, Because Aura directly affects our physical, mental, and emotion.
Great scientist Nicola Tesla once said that- 
“ If you want to know about secrets of this universe; then think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration”. Aura is energy as well.

How to attract someone from your Aura


 As I told you, we can attract people from our Aura.  First, we understand what Attraction is, well Actually, we are attracted to people with similar Aura or we can say the same level of energy and vice-versa.  
If you do not agree with me, then look people around you, do you not see their similarities with yourself and why were you attracted to these people in such a big world?

We do not see the aura, but every person senses our aura, not consciously but subconsciously.
This is why you are able to make an opinion on any person's behaviour at first sight.

People who are happy in this world have more of their aura, only those people who are negative and unhappy have weak AuraAura changes with our thought and emotional condition, it means aura is not static, if we try to make our thinking positive and always be happy then our aura can also increase.

How do you See Aura?

Do you know that we can see an aura with our Bare eyes, but for this, you have to increase your senses, it is believed that senses are not limited in our body, just to increase it, more energy or to say more of the aura is needed.

How to See Aura in the picture?

There must be a question in your mind that when there is no proof of this thing then how do we believe it, but do you Aura in the picture or Aura photography is possible there is a photographic technique that has been created that can capture aura. This technique is called Kirlian photography technique. Using this photographic technique anyone can Aura

Aura color Meaning


Aura is of many kinds. One can carry from a complete black aura to a pure white aura. Between these two, there are a million shades. Specifying the physical, mental, emotional, and energy status of who you are right now in a certain way is represented by your aura; or it's visible through the aura.

Here is some color with their meaning:

Before telling you the meaning of these colors let me tell you that all color have their positive and negative effects.


Positive - courage, strength, creativity.

Negative - irritable, fiery-temper destructive.


Positive - vitality, joy, love life

Negative - irritable, lazy, self-indulgent


Positive - wisdom, spiritual, peaceful 
Negative - fearful, lazy, careless


Positive - ingenuity, practical.

Negative - materialistic, selfish.


Positive - artistic, spiritual seeker, imaginative.
Negative - moody, critical, snobbish.


Positive - inspirational speaker, teacher, artist.
Negative - prejudiced, liar.


Positive -  great fullness, high spirituality, believe in mythology.
Negative - selfish, cunning, spiteful.

How to increase Aura?

1. Positive thinking


The simplest way to increase positive thinking aura. Nothing magic happens when you start thinking positively, but due to this your energy increases and aura glow, other people attract with you and give you more respect.
When I tell you to be positive, it does not mean that only being happy from the outside, aura reflects internal feelings, so it is important to be happy from inside.

There are two benefits of positive thinking, first as I told you it increases your Aura, and second, it increases our consciousness.
  It can also assume that the more aura we have, the more we will connect with our consciousness. Our consciousness consists of 5 stages.

  1. Conscious Mind.
  2. Subconscious Mind.
  3. Superconscious Mind.
  4. Collective conscious Mind.
  5. Cosmic conscious Mind.
As your Aura grows, you will start moving upwards on the stage of consciousness. And you will feel the supernatural things.

2. Meditation 


Meditation can also help increase your aura. Meditation activates the pineal gland in our brain, it is believed that this is the third eye, it connects our body with spiritual energy. So far people who have been seen very active in the Pineal gland can feel very different types of things. Like to relate music to color or draw its geometry by listening to music.
These people have a lot of inner strength than normal Human beings.

3. Connect with nature.


The more we connect to Nature, the more our senses will increase. You can see how strong the senses of all birds and animals in the forest have, An elephant can hear sounds from 1 mile away. Cows can smell from 5-6 miles. Eagle can see more than eight times far what we humans are able to see.
Humans are lacking these senses being away from nature, humans have become weak. Nature helps us evolving faster. All saints in the forest get their energy from Nature. Nature enhances our senses and connects us from consciousness.

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