Surprising facts About Body language


Surprising facts about body language

There are more than 6.5 thousand languages in this world. So it's amazing how we managed to talk to each other. It can be scary and confusing when you Stuck in a foreign country, and you can't even understand their symbols.

But there is one language that we all understand that is the non-verbal communication or what we call body language. You can spot a bad day from a mile away as the two people sit there arm cross and not making. Let's understand reading people's facial expressions like confidence, Shyness, and Anger just like Paul Ekman. let's understand reading body language directly through these body language facts.

1. Happy Feet

happy girl,happy

You must have noticed that when you feel good at that time your walking style is a bit different and when you feel sad at that time your walking style is different when a person feels good at that time he has a little bouncy walk while humming or singing etc.

This kind of Body language shows that he or she is excited or satisfied also remember while noticing any gestures and before coming to any conclusion it is very important to also understand the Context.

2. Feet Direction


Usually, if we are not interested in anything either situation or a person, then our feet will be on the opposite or in a different direction this point will clear and make you understand that whether the opposite person is interested in talking to you or not example if you go to talk to someone and if that person while talking is not keeping their feet direction towards you then they are not interested in talking to you. This gives a negative impression of body language.

3. Knee Claps

knee,girl knee

If a person keeps both of his hands near the knees and leans slightly forward or then this kind of body language represents that he wants to get out of the situation as soon as possible or feeling Uncomfortable with you or maybe in hurry.

4. Territorial Display

road,Territorial Display

In this kind of body language singnal you take more space while standing, you keep your legs wide here you show that you have control over the situation. Splay is also used for showing confidence. It also represented that person is his territory and need not fear anyone else.

5. Torso Hide

Afraid girl,afraid

This kind of body language shows that you must be afraid of the situation. You must have noticed that whenever a child gets scared of anything they immediately hide themselves behind their moms or behind anything but when we grow it feels weird to hide behind anything.

Hence when grownup faces uncomfortable situations, we start hiding our torso for example by crossing our hands, or by keeping a book or bag in front of their torso, etc.

6. Fronting


Fronting is a type of nonverbal behavior in which we confront our true feelings through gestures Just like straight Legs when we want to talk about any situation like a relationship or the topic you are interested in. In fronting our torso is in the direction of the person. So if you want to show someone that you are interested in talking to them then for sure keep your torso and legs direction towards them.

7. Shoulder Shrug

shrug, shoulder shrug

When you drop down the shoulders suddenly after keeping it up this kind of body posture will give a signal that a person is doubtful about commitment or maybe he is confused or unsure about certain things. Shoulder shrug is considered to be a negative negative hand movement so don't use it during social interaction.

8. Weak Shoulder


If someone starts bringing his shoulder near to his ears while hiding his neck this kind of body language gives signals that he is uncomfortable and becoming nervous. 

And if he is doing opposite of it means if he is keeping his shoulder down and keeping it behind taking more space then it means he is confident or trying to be confident. let's talk about hand Gestures Gravity related movement whenever we feel Happy, Energetic or Excited automatically our hands go upwards just like winners and fighting with gravity.

9. Restriction


It has been noticed that whenever a thief goes for a robbery they do minimal body moves, which means they move their hands very less and walk silently they do all this unconsciously so that nobody can pay attention to them. Similarly, who are underconfident ,shy and iferior keep their body movement restricted.

10. Hiding Hands


whenever you want someone to trust you, then always use your hands, try to show your hands, and then talk, don't hide your hands, or don't keep it folded. Don't talk while hiding your hand this thing can give the negative signal to the opposite person. 

Keeping both hands over waist just like superman gives the signal of Dominance and authority while sitting keeping our hands behind our neck removing elbows out and keeping our fingers on the desk. All this kind of behavior gives the signal of dominance and authority.

11. Power Handshakes

hand shake

If someone is shaking hands with you and keeps his hand little sloppy so that his hand remains slightly up by doing this he is subconsciously showing dominance and if a person shakes hand little sloppy towards downwards then by doing this he is subconsciously showing that He is Submissive and is feeling weaker than the opposite person.

So it is better to do an equal handshake means both person's hands should be straight which shows Equality and Respect and while doing the handshake if Both persons hand pressure will be the same then it will be the best for Nonverbal of Face.

12. Pupillary constricting and Squinting


Whenever we see somebody we love we feel surprised our pupils dilate and we smile. But if we don't like that person or situation then we make our eyes small after enlarging it. we squint our eyes, squinting eyes gives a negative signal whereas Up eyebrows give the signal of positive feelings.

14. Eye Blocking

blocking eyes,eyes

You must have noticed that when a person doesn't want to face any negative situation you shift your eyes from there, similarly when we want to avoid any situation or person at that time we start blocking our eyes, by shifting our eyes, looking down or by closing our eyes or increasing blinking rate next time.

when you are talking to someone and that person starts looking down and avoids eye contact then understand that maybe that person is not interested in talking to you.

15. Nose Flare

nose flare,Nose

When a Person Suddenly enlarges nostrils or you can say nose blooming shows that maybe the opposite person is about to start an argument or going to run or going to fight or about to lift heavy-weight or maybe he is a weirdo. So, do not Suggest that body language.

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