Frightening Mystery of mass suicide of birds in jatinga, Assam!


Mystery Of Mass Sucinding birds of jatinga, Jatinga

Jatinga is a very beautiful village in Assam India. Jatinga village is located in the hills of Dima Hazao district of Assam. This place is full of trees, plants, and beautiful creatures. But it is not popular for this natural lustre, it is known because of a very strange phenomenon of mass suicidal of birds.

This jatinga bird's suicidal event begins when myriads of Birds dive from the sky and giving their life crashing with buildings, trees, and ground. This strange phenomenon has been happening here in the same way for many decades. The birds which are saved from this place go again and give their lives. The locals named this phenomenon “avian hara-kiri”. For many years they strongly believed that this incident is the work of an evil spirit that controls birds in the sky and brings them down.

Mass sucide of bird in Jatinga Assam,Jatinga

This event takes place in the late months of monsoon in Assam, each year between September to November. Thousands of birds suicide between 6 to 10 pm after sunset. Every year thousands of migratory and local birds come here and in this duration, many birds suicide here.

But the fact is that the birds do not have any suicidal mind or tendency. Including human Being, there are other various creatures that do have suicidal tendency but the bird does not have a suicidal mind, this theory makes jatinga bird mystery more suspicious. This event was first seen by the tribe "zeme nagas" in 1900. Being afraid they sold their lands left the place in 1905.

During the 1950s, A Number of investigations and experiments have been conducted upon birds of jatinga and hypotheses are given that the bird gets confused by the rain and mist. Furthermore, they got intensely attracted by the town lights and fly towards them, frequently hitting by building dividers and trees during the plunge they got seriously injured and die. But then the question arises that there are many places of similar conditions like Jatinga, then why this incident happens only in jatinga.

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