Unexplainable Mystery behind Kerala's Red rain!


red rain,Red rain of kerala

Red rain of Kerala incident is one of the most mysterious events in this world. This phenomenon can not be explained until now and remained unsolved.

Red Rain in Kerala

This mysterious phenomenon of Red rain happened back on the 5 July 2001 afternoon. It was an ordinary day, people were enjoying that pleasant day. But suddenly the lightning started to hit and an incident started which caused the people to be amazed, that was rain but the rain was no ordinary rain it was Red rain some people also call it blood rain in Kerela. And not only red raindrops but many people also witness to see yellow, green and black raindrops that day of red rain in Kerala 2001.

What Cause of Red rain in Kerala?

Red rain of kerala,Red rain in kerala

At first, the scientist thought that this is not a special event. Scientists first thought this phenomenon is caused due to the presence of dust/mineral particle or meteoroid in the rainwater.

But when we took its samples in the scientist's lab, after studying on samples of red rain they found that they were no particles of dust or some meteoroid, they were actually living organisms that had life inside them. The scientist looked like RBC i.e. Red blood cells. The scientist did a DNA test to find out which organism this blood was, but surprisingly DNA was not found in them. The behaviour of molecules in blood rain sample was exactly like living cells but DNA was not found in it.

DNA of Unknown creature found after 11 years

After a long debate of Indian scientist, they decided to send the sample of Red rain to tested at the international level. After 11 years, in 2012, Dr Rajkumar Ganapa and Dr Stuart hog of university a Glamorgan examined it with advance machines, they concluded that DNA was present in a sample of Red rain. But the surprising part was that the DNA does not match with any creature.

Is Red rain of Kerala an extraterrestrial invasion.

Many people believe this incident was an Alien invasion. It was claimed that Alien is trying to send life to Earth. Although it is strange and there is no proof this it sounds baseless, but it might be a possibility because those molecules were not found anywhere else in the world.

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