Boyd bushman’s Confessions on the Presence of Alien in Area 51!


The existence of Area 51 has been questioned for over many decades. For those who don't Know about Area 51Area 51 is a Mythical ultra-secretive base that houses UFOs and corpses of interstellar species. For many people this location is real but others believe that it's all a fairy-tale.


Boyd Bushman's claims 

American Senior Scientist Boyd Bushman claims that he worked in Area 51 for quite a long time. He confesses many things about the presence of aliens in Area 51.

Alien sightings reports come from many countries of the world from time to time. But Area 51 of America is linked with aliens ever since the alien space-craft was crashed in Rosewell in 1947. It is said that Area 51 is designed to hide the presence of aliens from the world.

Around this place, UFOs have been claimed to be sighted many times. Many even consider this place to be the of aliens base.

Boyd Bushman has been to Area 51, he gave a statement in 2014, in which he told that he has talked to the aliens, as well as he told a way that those aliens would reach their home from Earth in just an hour.

Boyd Bushman claims that he had visited Area 51 which is located somewhere in the state of Nevada.

He confesses what apparently happens in the base. Bushman was on his deathbed he shows a lot of graphical material which highlights many photographs of alien origin supposedly taken at the base.

He also claims that Area 51 has a UFO in which scientists and other experts are studying all in secrecy. Bushman says that at the base there are two alien species. He also said that these creatures can make interstellar trips because they dominate anti-gravity.

Also, they can communicate using telepathy analyzing the video his record as a scientist is unquestionable, but what should be put to the test are his claims.

Boyd Bushman statements are backed up by his pictures however immediately after evidence was found famous alien from the Bushman's pictures was found as a doll from a department store.

It seems that the photos were staged in order to create the Alien pictures from the doll. However, the other possibilities are that the doll was created to mislead the actual existence of the creature.

Boyd Bushmans Career

If we look at the Boyd Bushmans carrier. He was an excellent scientist. he was regarded for one of the inventors of stinger missile.

He researched on Anti-gravity Technology especially the manipulation of Gravity using various magnetic fields. The question arises Why such man would lie.

And suspicions are even raised when Wikipedia deleted the page of Boyd Bushman and Now no one is allowed to write on that particular page. ( Check out the page here. )

The correct thing to do is to maintain sceptical of these types of stories especially since they are most likely to be faced. Do you think that Boyd Bushman was telling the truth or if he was just another liar?

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