Mystery of Aleya Ghost lights

Ghost light of Aleya west bengal

Aleya lights have baffled and mystify the whole world for over the centuries. If you are a mystery seeker Aleya lights are definitely going to catch your eye!

Aleya lights have been witnessed by many in the Sundarban, West Bengal, India. The people here believe that Aleya lights are Ghost lights. The Ghost lights are claimed to be seen in various other parts of the world and called by different names like Marfa lights of texas, Pauding lights of the peninsula and Aleya lights west Bengal are one of them. 

Aleya lights are the name given to the mysterious flickering light which appears in the swamp of Sundarban West Bengal during the night.

Local Rumors and beliefs


Aleya lights are witnessed by many fishermen, villagers and tourists visiting the bogland, marshes and swamps of Sundarbans, West Bengal. Local superstition is that these light are the roaming spirit of the fishermen who drowned in the swamps of Sundarbans.

The local community even say that these lights confuse to drown people! in the Swamps and marshes and sometimes these lights guide them to avoid future risks. No one dares chase these lights alone. On chasing these lights, they start disappearing and as soon one returned back, these lights start chasing.

However, the beliefs for the existence of Ghost lights varies with the region in America these lights are believed to be an indicator of treasure. In Europe, they believed as fairy spirits and in Australia

Scientist on the Ghost lights of Aleya

Scientists have also accepted the existence of Aleya lights. According to scientists, Claim the cause of Aleya light is due to the oxidation of gases like methane, phosphene and diphosphane which are naturally present in the swamps of Sundarban.

These gases in the marshes ionize and give the flickering nightmarish colour that people called Ghost lights. During Ionization process, the electron goes from different electronic states and during the transition it loses the energy in the form of a photon which emits flickering lights that people believe are Ghost lights.

But later this theory rejected because although it explained the flickering behaviour of light, it cannot able to explain how the Aleya lights are able to move in the marshes and bog lands sundarban.

Then a few years later, scientists come up with a new theory explaining the cause of Aleya light is the cause of silicon and arsenic found naturally in the rocks of sundarban. But this theory also did not seems to explain things completely.

Regardless of All these things, Aleya ghost lights in West Bengal stays to be probably the most strange and peculiar places not in the west Bengal but the Whole World.

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