18 Interesting Facts About panda you should Know about!


Interesting facts about pandas
Pandas are the cute, aren't they? Children are crazy to see them in as soon as they reach zoo. So, we decided to share some amazing panda facts you should know About!

#1. Panda's origin is china.

Pandas originally live in the areas of South Central China. They can be easily distinguished from the category of bears due to their eyes, ears, and even black spots of the body.

#2 Pandas have different skin colour under fur.

Most animal have same Skin colour under the fur but in pandas skin colour are different.

Under black fur, black skin is present and pink skin is present underneath white fur.

#3 Meaning of Panda

The word panda is taken from the Nepali word 'Ponya' which implies bamboo eating creature. Panda majorly found in Sichuan, hills of china and likewise found in 27 other countries.

#4 Pandas can make their house

Giant Pandas are 4 to 6 feet in height, and they can be as heavy as 130kg, yet they are able to form a home them.
They climb trees and make homes by turning branches and using dry leaves for themselves to Protects their self from cold.

#5 West came to know about panda after 1869

West was first came to know about panda on 11 March 1869 when a French missionary Mango David received a skin from a hunter he met in china.

#6 Lifespan of Pandas

The lifespan of a panda ranges from 28 to 35 years. The female panda takes 5 years to become an adult and the male panda takes 7 years to become an adult. Pandas breed at 4 to 8 years old.

#7 Pandas eats a lot of Bamboos

Pandas are mostly consumed by eating bamboo. They also occasionally eat the bird.

They may look weak, but they can also chew even aluminum plates. Their biting force is very high.

#8 Giant Pandas now classified endangered

Giant pandas have been classified as endangered since 1990. The main reason behind fall of the population of pandas is the damaging their house and hunting!.

#9 Pandas are consider as symbol of peace

People consider Panda a symbol of peace in China.
At the end of war in China. The flag depicting the panda hoists.

#10 Very few Pandas are left

There are only 1500 to 2000 pandas left in the whole world, but Scientist believes that by 2025 their number will reach 5000.

#11 Pandas can stand on their feet

Panda can stand on their feet for some time, but their legs are very short, so, they are not able to handle their weight for long.

#12 Pandas bones are very heavy

Pandas bones are much stronger and heavier than other animals of the same size. They are cold, quite uninteresting and slow. Panda does not like to run and run quite slowly.

#13 Pandas are not Bear

Red panda and giant pandas are species of panda. In past people use to think that red panda belong to raccoon family, and giant panda is part of bear family.

But after genetic analysis it was found that giant panda are different from bear and red pandas are different from raccoon.

#14 Panda poop used to make tissue paper

Panda poop is used in making bio-fuel. Apart from this, Panda  poop also used to make tissue paper in China. 

#15. Raising Panda much more expensive than elephant

Pandas spend 14 to 16, hours a day just for eating. A panda eats 25 to 30 kg of bamboo a day.

This is why raising a Panda is more expensive than caring for an elephant.

#16. Pandas are careless parents.

More than half of infant pandas die by mistake or being crushed by their mother.

#17. Panda are not that calm

Panda may appear to be calm in nature, but on instigation it can descend on violence just like a bear. Their jaws are very strong and their nails are also very sharp.

There are very few cases of panda committing violence on a human being.

#18. Population of Pandas are continuously decreasing

The declining population of pandas is due to deforestation and hunting. Panda mainly eat bamboo, but due to the decreasing number of bamboo forests, their population is also decreasing.

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