7 Unknown Amazing Facts About Antartica!


We have heard a lot about Antarctica and have also seen photographs in books and on the Internet. 

But have you ever tried to imagine what Antarctica looks like and what it feels like to be in Antarctica?

Antarctica is the fifth largest and coldest continent in the world. 

If I have to explain Antarctica in one sentence, I will call it a giant iceberg, so vast that it covers 14 million square kilometre area of our earth's Area and contains more than 70 % of the world's freshwater.

Penguin in Antarctica,Antarctica

If we imagine Antarctica, then only Penguins and Glaciers are pop into head. 

Well, looking to the surface, Antarctica does not look very different from our imagination.

But the fact is that Antarctica contains a lot of Mystery within itself. Today, we will look at 7 Such Amazing Mysteries of Antarctica.

#7. Under-Ground Lakes.

Underground lake,Underground lake Antarctica

If you know basic geography, you can understand that the areas around the North-Pole and the South-Pole are the coldest areas of the Earth; and Antarctica where temperature even reaches -20 degrees.

It is very surprising to find any kind of moisture there. But they have many underground lakes in Antarctica, under thick layers of snow.  

The largest lake in Antarctica is Lake Vostok, which is present 4 km below the layer of snow.

Lake Ontario Canada is of Europe, can be considered the same size as Lake Vostok.  

You may be thinking about how can water present in the liquid state in such a cold environment. 

The scientist has a very simple answer to your question, due to the high pressure of the Giant Glacier, under which water can remain in the liquid state. 

This under-ground lake is a charisma of this nature as it houses one of the ecosystems that is not found anywhere else on earth.

#6. Elongated Skulls are Found in Antarctica.

The first dead remains humans found in Antarctica are elongated skulls. 

These are of-course skulls of human beings, but their head above their forehead is elongated in an abnormal way. 

Scientist says that these abnormal skulls have to be done by ancient rituals.

Earlier people used to increase their forehead by patting their heads or else by pressing their forehead in the middle of the wooden crossbow.

These human skeletons closely resemble the remains of humans found in Peru and Egypt.  

Scientists believe that Antarctica may have been part of a much larger landform earlier.  

It also overlaps the theory of the Movement of tectonic plates. 

Antarctica was originally a piece of a large landmass called Pangaea.  Which broke apart and shifted towards the South Pole.

#5. Martian Meteor was found in Antarctica.

Martian meteor in Antarctica,Meteor found in Antarctica

In 2015, a very unique meteorite of a stone size was found in Antarctica. 

When the scientist investigated this meteor they found that it meteor came from the mars, after that, a deeper investigation revealed an interesting thing.  

Very small microbes were found on this meteor, which clearly shows that there can be life on Mars.

#4. Nazi Base was found in Antarctica.

Nazi Base Antarctica,Nazis Base Found in Antarctica

Hitler wanted to rule the whole world. Their great proof is the presence of a Nazi base in Antarctica.  

Hitler's Nazi soldiers also reached a place like Antarctica where no human lives.

When World war 2 was about to begin in 1939, Hitler speculated that there can be a shortage of fuel for artillery and fat-based products such as milk, butter, cheese, and cream.  

So Hitler sent a secret Nazi troop to preserve fat-based products in the cold environment.

#3. Mountain Range in Antarctica. 

Mountain Antarctica,Mountain Range Antarctica

Antarctica is a huge continent and there is so much snow that perhaps the snow of the whole world is less. 

And it won't be surprising explorer found a mountain range here.

In 1950, explorers discovered the Gambertsev Mountain Range under a huge sheet of ice, which is about 2700 meters high and 1200 kilometres long.  

The size of the Gambertsev mountain range can be compared to the alpha hills of Europe.

Gambertsev hill is Just like any other Mountain range, but according to Scientist estimates, these hills can be over 1 billion years old.

But according to geology, no mountain can exist for those many years. Due to the coronation, every hill gets smaller with time and is visible for at most 400 to 500 million years.

#2. Dangerous Microbes.

Dangerous microbes,Dangerous microbes in Glacier of Antarctica

We may not acknowledge it, but global warming and climate change is a very real phenomenon and very dangerous as well.

Our earth is like a huge treasure, but we do not respect it and instead of protecting it, we are ruining the Earth. 

we are constantly using fossil fuels without thinking and the result of global warming.

Glaciers in Antarctica contain many dangerous viruses and bacteria that are frozen inside glaciers for thousands of years.

But due to global warming, the temperature is gradually increasing and one day the temperature will increase so much that the ice melts.  

All microbes will become active and they can bring diseases that we can not imagine!

#1. Blood Waterfalls.

Blood Waterfall,Blood falls of Antarctica

In 1911, An Australian geologist received blood waterfalls. When they took a cruise of the Taylor Glacier.

The colour of the water draining from the Taylor Glacier was just like blood red and because of that, it is popularly known as "The Blood Falls of Antarctica".

Scientists discovered that the blood-red colour is because of the presence of iron oxide in the Water.

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