Strange Mysteries and Phenomena's of Bermuda Triangle!



The sea is full of mystery. There are many creatures and place out there in the sea that we still don't understand About!.

Some believe we know more about Space than our oceans. Most of the part of the ocean is still undiscovered and yet to explore.

Among all those mystery and Rumours of the sea, the Bermuda triangle is the most famous one.

For those few who don't know about Bermuda triangle, it is a 500,000 square mile area between Bermuda, Puerto-Rico and Florida.

This Area is called the Bermuda triangle and it considers to be responsible for many strange and unexplainable phenomenon because of which every single person disappeared strangely from here.

It is also known as Devil's Triangle because it is considered to be responsible for sinking a thousand ships and Aeroplanes over the last few centuries. All ships and Planes passing through Bermuda triangle disappear strangely.

Christopher Columbus wrote in his book that In 1492 When he was passing exactly this location. He saw a lot of strange lights in this part of the sea.

He also saw rising waves without any wind and all the compass stopped working at this place.

On December 5, 1945, Flight 19 was moving about these areas, it was just a training session with 14 Airmen in 5 Airplanes.

After 1 hour and 45 minutes lieutenant, Charles C Tailor contacted the control tower. He sent a message via radio that he can not understand what was happening to them. 

Taylor also said that all three of his compasses have stopped working. They do not know where they are going.


All those Airplanes were never found again. Neither on the surface nor inside the sea, as if it had disappeared from this world. A search plane was sent to search the team but after 27 minutes the search plane and the 13 members inside it also disappeared. No one knows What happened to them?

The story of the USS Cyclops is more or less similar. In 1918, The USS Cyclops was going to Baltimore, U.S with 309 passengers.

Ship in bermuda triangle

USS Cyclops disappeared while passing through the Bermuda Triangle. No one able found the debris of that ship. It is considered one of the biggest losses in American history Because it was the first time that many people went missing travelling on a ship.

In 1941, Two sister ships of USS Cyclops again went missing in Bermuda triangle. 

This Mysterious 500,000 square mile Area swallowed thousands of ships and planes in the last Centuries.

It is among very few place world where strangely appealing Mysterious lights appear in the sky. Due to this, many people many scientists started giving their own theories.

Some believe that aliens exist at this place and they abduct people at this place. 

People also believe that this place is a Portal- A door that takes you to another dimension.

But the truth is that all these are Just theory and No one Knows the actual explanation because all those who went missing from the place are never found till date.

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