About Us


We believe that knowledge is most valuable commodity on earth.
True knowledge can enlighten ones future.knowledge is meant to be share. 

"Without knowledge Actions are useless   and Actions without knowledge are   Fruitless."

As Man is moving towards modern era he is getting apart from his customs and roots.
Here at Fact Insane we lay hold of both science and culture together so we kept growing over time and remember our history.

At Fact Insane we regularly post Facts related to Science, Technology, Mystery,
Travel, Mythology and History.
All these contents are created after deep
of research and Confirmation so don't worry about realibility and of Fact Insane.

Author and creator of Fact Insane is Vaibhav Dwivedi. From Bikaner Rajasthan; India. Just a year ago author was fascinated about creating a platform from which people can attain knowledge.